350 Hour Teacher Training

2024 Ahimsa Hot Yoga 350-Hour Teacher Training


Scripted Original Hot Yoga focusing on 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

Become an Original Hot Yoga teacher ready to step into a studio and teach quality classes with confidence.

Join our Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Embark on a transformative journey with our 350-hour Yoga Teacher Training, led by Ahimsa Hot Yoga studio owner, Megan Saffigna.

This comprehensive program, certified by Yoga Alliance International, offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to teach scripted Original Hot Yoga classes focussing on 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

In this teacher training you will deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and emerge as a confident, skilled yoga instructor. Megan’s wealth of experience and expertise infuses every aspect of this teacher training, ensuring a holistic approach that integrates both the asana and alignment of the yoga in a therapeutic and sustainable way.

Throughout the course, participants will focus on techniques to master teaching Original Hot Yoga classes. You will be guided by guest speakers who enrich the curriculum with diverse topics and additional learning opportunities.

This teacher training emphasizes practical experience, providing regular opportunities to practice teaching in a supportive environment.

Join us and become part of something truly extraordinary!

Ahimsa Hot Yoga 350-Hour Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Meet the Teaching Team

Megan Saffigna – Program Director and Lead Instructor

Megan is the owner of the successful studio, Ahimsa Hot Yoga, her current yoga teaching is focussed on beginner and intermediate hot yoga , Yin Yoga, and teacher mentoring.

Megan has a lifelong commitment to yoga, and has taught well over 5,000 hours of classes. Her list of yoga teaching qualifications are too long to list, include a wide variety of disciplines (e.g.: Vinyasa, Restorative, Pilates, etc…). Her higher level qualifications include Yoga Alliance International Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 (E-RYT Senior Level 4), and Yoga Alliance Australia Level 2 Yoga Teacher.

Her teaching experience across multiple disciplines of yoga and Pilates is extensive. Megan has persistently invested in continuing education and professional development within Australia and abroad. She has worked with some of the most highly regarded yoga teachers around the world and is abreast of the evolving landscape of yoga instruction.

Megan has respect for the traditional roots of yoga and an understanding of how important it is to understand these roots when navigating innovations, and exploring what the practice of yoga can teach us.

Megan is a supportive and nourishing mentor who can empower you and guide you on a transformative physical, mental, and spiritual journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

Martin Collins – Support Instructor

Martin has over three decades of professional teaching experience, including two dedicated to pedagogical instruction within higher education. His expertise encompasses teaching methods as well as research interests in sports/exercise science and various STEM disciplines. 

Underpinning his 300 Hours of Bikram Yoga teacher training certification Martin has been a hands-on sports-specific coach. He has worked with athletes of all backgrounds, including youths, adults, special populations, elite athletes, and amateurs. More broadly, he has held positions as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and sports administrator. As a successful professional athlete himself, boasting international representation, Martin has rare insight into the world of elite sports. 

Martin’s diverse mix of expertise contributes to a deep understanding of individual needs and a unique perspective on becoming a Hot Hatha yoga teacher.

Knowledge Experts

Sharon Lea

Since completing her yoga teacher training in 2015, Sharon continues to attend workshops to upgrade her extensive knowledge about all things yoga. 

Sharon brings to the teaching faculty her practical expertise on yoga breathwork including how to teach different types of breath and their different physiological effects on the body.  She will also impart the philosophy of yoga and how this can be applied both to yoga practice and daily life. 

Michaela Griffiths-Leese

Michaela has been a yoga studio owner. She teaches a range of yoga and Pilates styles. Michaela is in her second year of Masters in Osteopathy. Michaela’s professional Pilates teaching includes small group prescription exercise for in-clinic patients and supervision over patient rehabilitation.

With this in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injury rehabilitation, Michaela brings to the anatomy component of the teacher training information about modifying postures for injuries and injury prevention in yoga practice. Michaela is passionate about creating a sustainable yoga practice from an anatomy perspective.

April Kuiper

April is a professional Speech Pathologist and yoga teacher.

April is joining the teacher training team to provide information about voice projection and vocal care for yoga teachers. She will provide practical exercises to warm up a teacher’s voice, how to speak with confidence even if you are nervous and how to look after your voice if you are teaching a lot.

We are delighted to be able to draw on this unique experience from a yoga perspective.


Christie Brown

Christie has the rare skill set of being a Physiotherapist and a yoga teacher. As well as holding a Masters of Physiotherapy, BSC (Hons) in Sports Science and Sports Therapy and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher qualifications, she also has Hot Pilates and weightlifting certification.

Christie will share her expertise of the anatomy of hot yoga asana from a physiotherapist’s point of view.

A World First...

In a world first, this Teacher Training teaches a Creative Commons yoga script. Previously, yoga dialogues have been closely guarded by copyright restrictions. Megan Saffigna and Martin Collins have developed a brand new Original Hot Yoga script and are sharing it as an open-source document. This innovative endeavour empowers aspiring yoga teachers to learn the script and adapt it to suit their unique teaching style. It is a significant step towards democratizing the teaching of hot hatha yoga, enabling anyone with the passion to teach to freely utilize this invaluable resource.

 Of course, having the script is only one part of becoming an adept teacher. The Ahimsa Hot Yoga Teacher Training shares all the additional resources required to become a world class yoga teacher.

The Creative Commons Basic Script has been constructed under a number of constraints, not the least of which is that CCBS be a creative and original work in its own right and not a derivative of  any other work.

The instructions to students on how to perform each posture are guided by three key principles:

  • Principle 1: Do the instructions allow a beginner, unfamiliar with the pose, to perform the required movements safely and effectively.
  • Principle 2: Are the instructions easy to understand.
  • Principle 3: Do the instructions use language conventions that aid in memorisation for beginner teachers.
  • Principle 4: Does the script have rhythm, flow, poetry, and the ability form a mantra, or at the least be delivered in a mantra style.

This groundbreaking style encourages the continuous growth and dissemination of hot Hatha yoga. Our aim is to contribute to the preservation of, and to expand the practice of this transformative style of yoga, extending its reach to a wider audience, and to avoid loss of knowledge.

Dates & Format
Topics Include


You will graduate with a certificate of 350 Hours Teacher Training in Original Hot Yoga and you will be qualified to teach any yoga style. You will have the skills to teach in a yoga studio, at a gym or for the local council wellness program.

Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance International and be a fully qualified yoga teacher.

Registration Process

A $500 deposit secures your place in the Teacher Training. 

Early bird price $4500 applies if paid before 1st June.

Full price after 1st June, $5000 

Deposit and payment can be made in the studio or online. 

Payment plans available: The full training cost ($5000) can be paid off by making an initial deposit and committing to regular payments to be paid in full by week 6 of the course.

Information Session

Meet the teaching team, ask questions, and learn how to teach a posture. What is a prerequisite? And what isn’t? Find out what it is like to do a teacher training and what it is like to be a yoga teacher.

Saturday, 27th April at 10:30am
at Ahimsa Hot Yoga
Book your spot via Momence or email to register

For more information email: megan@ahimsahotyoga.com.au